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Pollination Techniques with POLLENETIX™

Feminized Seed Making with POLLENETIX™. Pollination Techniques


                  What’s up everyone?! Joey Cannoli here with Holy Grail Chemistry. Thank you all to my returning readers interested in creating your own feminized cannabis seeds. And Hello to all the new ones tuning in for more knowledge on how to go about this process.

                  Holy Grail Chemistry is a company that specializes in making feminized seed sprays for cannabis breeding. Our flagship product is POLLENETIX™, a spray-n-play formula that is activated ready to use by the cultivator. POLLENETIX™ induces the formation of male organs on your female plants for the purposes of cross pollination.

                  In Today’s Day and age with cannabis every grower needs an edge. With innovation and competition at an all the high there has never been a better time to go out and start making your own strains. From a business stance it is a must. Identifying your target audience is a must. Once you find your niche market within the cannabis market itself things tend to smoothen out. The cannabis industry is very fast paced with larger companies sinking left and right. Creating your own feminized seeds, or regular seeds, and strains, slows down the pace of the ever-evolving cannabis market and industry. It brings back the old school vibes of what this is actually about. Continuing the plant and enhancing our relationship, lives, and better understanding the natural ways of healing from this plant and earth. We start to understand and identify this is a very sustainable way to go about growing cannabis, this will also bring consistency into your grow, and you will identify dominant growing traits that work best with your environment.

                  When discussing “how to pollinate” your plants the boundaries are ideally limitless. Indoor grow rooms must do their best to mimic the environment nature provides to make this happen. Outside we have environmental aspects of the garden that work in our favor. We have the wind itself. When dealing with male cannabis plants we see a larger amount of pollen produced so the results are much greater. Meaning you’ll get lots more seeds. Reversals outside are difficult and take superior timing and knowledge of your environment prior to creating your timeline. Knowing how other strains react outside in that same environment, or me running that strain before in a normal flower cycle is a cheat code for when you reverse it, if that is your plan to do this outside. To my observation this is why we see more regular seed production outdoors, and more feminized seed production indoors.

                  The two roadways you will travel during this process is controlled pollination or an uncontrolled pollination. A controlled pollination in nature is done very methodically, the instruments used, and typically a secondary environment separated from the rest of the plants is created to prevent unwanted cross contamination. In a successful reversal you’ll always want to control your timing. Uncontrolled pollinations are more natural at the core. It can be done by placing your STS plant in the same environment as the other plants you wish to pollinate. Agitating the plant while it is dumping pollen is ideal, or even picking it up and moving it around the room to help cover the plants you intend to make your feminized seeds.

                  When it comes to an indoor grow room, the more control you have over your room the better and more consistent your results become. This includes how you monitor your plants, that data you get from your equipment, how you interpret this data, and where you go from there.

                  When you get to the pollination stage, using your imagination is the best advice I think I give everyone. Paintbrushes, and q-tips are very popular. These are both very efficient, and effective ways to make sure your feminized pollen is making contact with your intended plants you want to produce your seeds.

Agitating the pollen sacks will release your feminized pollen. Gathering the pollen from your STS plant is best done in a plastic bag, or glass jar. If I do not plan to store the pollen, I will use parchment paper to catch it, and to also separate all the vegetation. You will want to roll around your Q-tip or paintbrush in this jar or baggie to gather as much pollen as you can. If you wish to store your feminized pollen it is best to remove all organic material from the pollen. The “bananas” will go bad and contaminate your pollen and make it no good, or worse infect your female plant that is making your seeds.

Chucking your pollen is a very satisfying part, I have gone crazy before chucking it all over the room, and I have been very selective about what parts of the plant get hit and what plants I hit. After either style it is best to always decontaminate your room, tent, or area you performed this.

Thank you all for tuning in, this has been an awesome journey with all of you. At this stage you’ll see the buds transform and start producing immature bright green seeds. The seeds will mature and start to develop more color and character. The more pollen you use the more seeds you get! Always remember to have fun with it and everything will work out just fine! Stoked to see what everyone creates! Hope to catch you all next time!


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