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About Us

Founded in Tahoe

 Holy Grail Chemistry is a Tahoe born, and founded company. We Specialize in producing the industry’s best and most innovative Cannabis & Hemp breeding products for commercial and craft cultivators. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, well-outlined Guidelines, and quality products that assist breeders in continuing the plant we all have come to love so much.


Our Story

My never ending journey started with humble beginnings in 2003, in a small hockey town in New York, called Clinton. My first grow patch was one a few hockey friends and I rode our bikes too. It had just enough sunlight, and just enough coverage to both grow, and not get us caught!

Fast forward 20 years to Lake Tahoe!

My wife and I have chased this plant all around the country! Establishing life long connections with people whom also love this plant so much. Along the journey I set out to create my own genetics to help define my legacy as a cultivator & breeder. I wanted my products being grown and sold to be indicative of my companies core beliefs and values surrounding this miracle plant/medicine. 

I set out to accomplish this with little success and zero guidance at first. My first sex reversal was a flop. I had bought a popular spray online that came with zero guidance or quality control. It was up to me to sink or swim. After using a few more products from different companies I started playing with the inorganic compound that we know as Silver Thiosulfate. 

After years of testing these formulas on my own grow, I have concluded that a scheduled dosage of my formula; POLLENETIX™ (silver thiosulfate) will consistently produce better results then guessing based on the strains indica/saliva composition and using the competitions.

Meet The Team

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