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Creating Your Own Feminized Seeds with Pollenetix™, Understanding Your Timeline

Hello to all my new readers! Thank you for stopping by! I am incredibly grateful to collaborate with Skunk Magazine! It is our goal to pave the way for people to enhance their craft by giving them the knowledge, guidance, and grower support on how to start making their own cannabis strains!

My name is Joey Cannoli, I founded Holy Grail Chemistry and The Cannoli Boys Cannabis & Genetics. Holy Grail Chemistry is a company that specializes in producing products for cannabis breeding. We serve as a well-rounded hub of rich information for craft and commercial cultivators alike. Hello to the returning readers, looking for more education and pro tips on how to start your own genetics line and first strain.

Pollenetix™ is a silver thiosulfate solution, that is non-toxic, and meant to induce the formation of male flowers (pollen sacks) on your female cannabis plants. Due to the pollen coming from a sex reversed female, this pollen will be feminized. Our goal is to apply this pollen to another female cannabis plant, or to a non-treated section of the Pollenetix™ plant.

Perfect, and gorgeous looking sex reversals can be accomplished time and time again with a well thought out timeline, flawless precision, and consistent execution.

Our intent in using Pollenetix™ is to block ethylene production within your host plant. A general rule of thumb is the larger the plant the more spray you will need. This is not only due to the relative surface area that needs to be sprayed. From what I have gathered, the larger plant’s hormones are harder to block. The larger plant will fight back more to push out white pistils. This is her natural process.

What we are intending to accomplish is very easy with some practice. My goal is to ride shotgun with you. Making sure we get to our destination on time and in style. I am currently doing this myself. It is my life’s work and passion. And what better way to give you advice than me going through the process at the same time. Currently I am working on a Cherry Truffle Royale feminized seed line. A delightful, and well-balanced cross of Gorilla Butter F2 aka white truffle crossed with a reversed Tropicana Cherry Female.

Currently my host plant is happily growing, in a fast-draining medium. She is getting fed multiple times a day. I prefer to run my plants in coco. All forms of growing work for this process; indoor, outdoor, both synthetic, and organic nutrients.  How you feed your plants, hand-watering or automated drip lines, and what you feed your plants, is ultimately up to you. Finding consistency, and sustainability in this process is the goal. We need to continually maintain a clean environment throughout the duration of this timeline. Harmful diseases could ultimately disrupt your end product. From my own experience it is 100% possible to contaminate your seeds. When exposed to water during the germination process the mold spores will activate and you are left with seeds you shouldn’t use.

My approach to designing my formula and spray schedule mimics how people get prescribed medications. On a scheduled basis to create a consistent effect, that has been extensively studied.

In theory one spray 7 days before the start of flowering should be enough to trigger a “herm.” This is the wrong way to go, in my opinion. The word herm is commonly used to describe when a cannabis plant has both male and female parts. This will result in a seeded-out crop. Our intent is not to produce any old herm. Our intent is to cause a full sex reversal with little to zero white pistils in your bud sites, and only feminized pollen in the sacks. This is the true advantage of using Pollenetix™ over other STS and CS (colloidal silver) sprays on the market.

Food for thought, are we causing the plant to produce male flowers because it is stressed and going into survival mode? Is the plant producing male flowers with feminized pollen because it is receiving a consistent dosage of Pollenetix™, and walking down a pre-ordained pathway that you designed and are in control of?

I am hand watering my host plant that I intend to spray with Pollenetix™ per the schedule. I am running her in a two-gallon pot. Attempting to mimic my feeding schedule will end in varied results for readers due to variations in their environments. Please keep your own feeding schedule if you are confident in it. However please directly reach out to me if you need help growing and understanding the basics!

Holy Grail Chemistry’s Guideline & Spray Schedule:

1.        Spray only the nodes of your intended reversal plant 7 days before the start of the flower.

2.        Spray nodes day 1 of flower.

3.        Spray nodes every 3rd day of flower until the formation of pollen sacks.

4.        Spray only the nodes.

5.        Spray only at night, or when the lights off. Giving the plants a full 4 hours to dry.

You will need to reverse your plant 1-2 weeks before your flower room. This process takes more time, so you need to plan ahead for the reversal to take place. Our objective is to perfectly time this while your reversal plant starts producing pollen. Your flower room should be in between day 21 to day 35 of flowering. Day 21 to day 35 is prime time to chuck pollen around the rooms! You will notice the white pistils of the pollinated plants will turn orange; this is the plant’s natural process in letting you know your pollination was successful.

Next article I will discuss open, controlled, and natural pollination. I will discuss various pollination techniques that will increase your odds of success.

Please stop by again! I will be discussing the do’s and don’t’s of breeding. I will drop lots of pro tips that help you through this journey.

It is my sincere pleasure to help you make your own strains! If you have any questions, please reach out to me! Instagram and my website are great ways to get in touch with a fast response!

Thank you all and happy growing!


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