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This is an activate yourself Silver Thiosulfate AB Solution to Make Your Own POLLENETIX™ Feminized Seed Spray!


Make 99% female cannabis seeds by using this spray and following our step by step guidelines.


Silver Thiosulfate is a feminized seed spray that is popular amongst Professional & New Cannabis and Hemp Breeders alike for one very good reason. It works!


This solution once diluted, will act as your very own fresh bottle of POLLENETIX™ to assist you in making your own Cannabis or Hemp genetics!


This solution is activate when you're ready. You will need to add 6oz or 180ml of distilled water to properly activate this formula and make it plant safe.


Along with this bottle comes step by step instructions to activate and use this bottle.




STS KIT• Non-Activated • Silver Thiosulfate AB Solution • Dilution Required

Price Options
One-time purchase
STS - Monthly
Save $5 per bottle by subscribing monthly
$29.99every month until canceled
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