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Pollen + Genetics = POLLENETIX™


POLLENETIX™ is an activated, ready to spray-n-play Feminized Seed Spray made from Holy Grail Chemsitry's  Silver Thiosulfate Solution. This spray is an ethylene blocker, this spray is non-toxic. And 100% effective if you follow our guidelines.


With Feminized Seed Spray made from Silver Thiosulfate. You are able to produce 99% female cannabis seeds. This is due to the use of two female cannabis plants used to create your new genetics. It is possible and common to use your STS or POLLENETIX™  plant to pollinate itself as well. However, we recommend you follow our fool proof scheduled dosage and treatment program to insure you get successful results your first time.


The basic concept:


  • You will need two female cannabis plants. You will need one 8oz bottle of POLLENETIX™ by Holy Grail Chemistry. 
  • You will spray one of the female cannabis plants in a controlled area, the plant you spray we will refer to as the POLLENETIX™ plant.
  •  As the POLLENETIX™ plant matures, the spray will block the formation of female cannabis flowers. Allowing males flowers "pollen sacks" to grow with all feminized pollen within those pollen sacks!
  • You will need to time your regular non-POLLENETIX™  female cannabis plant to perfectly receive your feminized pollen from your STS/POLLENETIX™ plant.
  • Using an open pollination or controlled pollination technique you will make the exchange happen, allowing the POLLENETIX™ plant to pollinate your female cannabis plant.
  • Once your seeds mature, you will harvest your non-POLLENETIX™ plant on a normal schedule.


*This product is meant to induce the formation of male flowers/pollen sacks on female cannabis plants for the purposes of pollination.


We offer a 100% Product Replacement Guarantee if the spray does NOT work!


You cannot go wrong with POLLENETIX™

POLLENETIX™ 8oz Feminized Seed Spray - Silver Thiosulfate Spray

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